AJ Styles is Completely Fed Up with Shinsuke Nakamura

On Tuesday night, WWE put the final touches on the WWE championship match scheduled for Money In The Bank on June 17.

Paige held a contract signing between WWE champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura during a segment which was filmed backstage. It was kind of a nice change of pace from the typical WWE contract signing that occurs out in the ring. This harkened back to the 1980s contract signings where Jack Tunney would sit down at a desk with the competitors at hand.

Paige introduced the segment by noting that this time we would be guaranteed a winner with it being a Last Man Standing Match. This was a reference to how the last two times outs (Greatest Royal Rumble, Backlash), Styles vs. Nakamura has ended in controversy.

Almost immediately, the animosity between Styles and Nakamura came out during the contract signing. Styles accused Nakamura of playing games and driving Styles to the edge of his own sanity because he knows that he can't defeat him. He said none of the tricks will work at Money In The Bank. Styles emphatically signed the contract.

Nakamura went to sign the contract but said his pen was out of ink. He then borrowed Styles' pen and said that it was broken. At this point, Styles about lost it. Styles yelled at Nakamura to stand up next to him like a man while Paige tried to calm him down. Styles then slapped Nakamura hard and was escorted off the set.


At that point, Nakamura smirked and pulled a pen out of his pocket. He signed the contract, stood up, and said, "Last. Man. Standing."

This was a good, concise segment as they try to keep the momentum up over the next two weeks. It's crazy to think that there has only been one PPV event since WrestleMania (unless you count Greatest Royal Rumble). It's been a slow-build with all of the storylines leading into Money In The Bank, which isn't always a bad thing.