AJ Styles Retains WWE Title at Clash of Champions

Although many expected the big tag team match to close out WWE's Clash of Champions event, it was the title match between AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal that was (rightfully) placed in the main event spot.

With the crowd still buzzing from the Daniel Bryan vs. Shane McMahon heat at the conclusion of the aforementioned tag team match, AJ Styles got a massive reaction from the Boston crowd.

The pair exchanged control of the contest early on, with Styles first working over Jinder's calf muscle before Mahal made a comeback and damaged AJ's ribs with a big slam on the barrier in front of the fans.

He continued back in the ring, using a scissor hold to squeeze Styles' injured ribs following a slam on the announce desk where AJ landed on his ribs. The match really was a clinic in working over an opponent's body part, with Styles coming back by attacking Mahal's leg that he had worked over early.

Styles went for a flying forearm, but Mahal kicked the rope in the process, knocking Styles across the top rope ribs first. He followed that with a gut buster for the near fall.

The rest of the match mostly consisted of Mahal inflicting constant damage on the injured Styles, with AJ making intermittent comebacks that were short-lived. Styles was pancaked ribs first on the mat several times.

When Styles looked to finally make his winning comeback, he hit a springboard 450 for a near fall. At that point, the Singhs got involved, resulting in Styles using a Styles Clash on the outside to one of them.


Back in the ring, Mahal dodged a flying forearm and hit the Khallas slam for a near fall. Jinder then went for a Styles Clash, but Styles reversed it into the Calf Crusher and won by pinfall to retain the title.