A Sneak Peak of John Cena's Hilarious New Role

John Cena continues to add credits to his filmography, his latest may be his most absurd yet.

The face of WWE is stockpiling acting appearances in 2017, landing roles in feature films like Ferdinand and The Wall. Cena can now add an HBO movie to the list as he'll be playing in their new comedy, Tour de Pharmacy.

The mockumentary will be centered around the morally lucrative sport of cycling. From the looks of the trailer, Cena will be playing a European cyclist whose talents are egregiously unnatural. The sight of seeing the bulky bodied Cena crouched on a competition grade bike may be worth the watch alone.

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Cena will be joined by a slew of actors and actresses from the likes of Orlando Bloom, Andy Samberg, Kevin Bacon and Maya Rudolph. From the looks of the trailer, all indicators point to this being a hysterical experience.

For Cena, this marks the continuation of his Hollywood hot streak. Clearly, Cena is drawing ample crossover appeal thanks to his monstrous WWE stage.

Cena has been absent from WWE since his WrestleMania 33 match in which he proposed to his now finance Nikki Bella. It looks to have been more than a leisurely hiatus as Cena has been filming multiple movies and making appearances on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


But wrestling fans will be getting their man back soon enough. Cena is scheduled to return to WWE on a July 4th episode of SmackDown live. His return couldn't come soon enough it seems as WWE had been hemorrhaging viewership in his absence. Some rumors have him returning to challenge Jinder Mahal for his record breaking 17th WWE Championship. Others have him heading SummerSlam against Roman Reigns. Regardless of how he's used, we'll all be happy to have him back.

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