Workout Photo Reveals 71 Year Old Vince McMahon Is Still Ripped

If you thought age would catch Vince McMahon slipping, you better think again.

Last time we saw Mr. McMahon on WWE television, he was standing in the middle of the ring announcing the 2017 Superstar Shake-Up. He was decked out in his typical suit, looking well, albeit a bit older than the last time we saw him.

Tuesday, a photo emerged of an insanely ripped Vinny Mac that puts most of the current WWE roster to shame.

Vince McMahon ripped

Seeing the ridiculously jacked WWE Chairman makes Jinder Mahal's recent rise to the top of SmackDown Live make even more sense. Vince is a guy whose always valued a chiseled physique. In his perfect world, all his superstars would look like they were drawn in a he-man comic book.

It's this obsession with fitness that has reportedly caused McMahon to grow tired of Kevin Owens less-than-ideal condition.

McMahon was featured in Muscle & Fitness magazine last year at age 70. At age 69, he boasted about the time he outlifted World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

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"First of all, when you're my age, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve," said McMahon. "I showed up, and Mark was full of adrenaline, ready to train, and couldn't wait. I went to my locker room and stayed there. I read, did some business, and an hour later I came out. By the time I came out, Mark's energy and enthusiasm had waned considerably. From a psychological standpoint, I tried to gain an advantage there and did."

"And Mark is a strongman type of lifter- one and done, or two reps. I was very deferential to Mark in the first giant set we went through. But in the second one he was green around the gills. That's when I started saying, 'the World's Strongest Man is not doing too well at the moment.' By the end of the workout, I was all over him. 'Come on, Mark! I'm 60-something years old, and you're the World's Strongest Man!' Psychologically, I pretty much decimated him on that last giant set. I almost felt sorry for him, but he challenged me. That was a fun day for me."

The photo does bring up the one great question I've always wondered about - do WWE execs have to pass the wellness test?


Either way, good on ya Vince. Looking strong. Keep on keeping on.

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