WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Reportedly Injured Ahead of 'Crown Jewel' Event

Update: Roman Reigns revealed on WWE Raw that his leukemia has returned. He has vacated the Universal Championship, but intends to return to the ring once his treatment is complete.

Original Story:

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has reportedly been injured ahead of the wrestling organization's upcoming Crown Jewel event.

According to Robbie Fox from Barstool Sports, Reigns hurt himself in some manner, but no specifics have been provided.

"WWE Crown Jewel could be in trouble. I was just told Reigns is currently injured and that Cena and Bryan are 'refusing' to work the show. Many on the current WWE roster have expressed concerned with going, as well, but obviously not all of them have the power like Cena/Bryan," Fox's tweet read.

Wrestling News added that if the rumors of Reigns' injury are true, the big Crown Jewel event where Reigns was going to be defend his Universal Championship title against Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar could suffer.

As Fox further suggested, the current controversy surrounding Saudi Arabia is also a big issue for Crown Jewel.

Both John Cena and Daniel Bryan are reportedly refusing to go, so with three of their stars potentially missing in action, the WWE would not have much left to compel the audience and the fans watching at home.

ESPN and Fox Sports contributor Brad Shepard stated that he was able to confirm Fox's reports that Reigns did indeed suffer an injury recently, and that Cena and Bryan are planning to skip Crown Jewel.


Fans of Reigns have since come out to defend the WWE champion from naysayers and critics who call him out for missing events, with some of them getting very heated.

At this time, neither Reigns not the WWE have commented publicly on the rumors.