Hulk Hogan Mistakenly Claims Bam Margera Is Dead

Hulk Hogan wrote a heartfelt tribute to Bam Margera on Monday, posting a photo of himself with the former Jackass cast member.

"Damn Bam I wish you were still with us, I sure would love to hang out again my brother love u miss u HH," Hogan wrote.

Only there was just one problem — Bam Margera isn't dead. "The Hulkster seemed to realize this, deleting the tweet shortly afterwards and claiming he got Margera mixed up with another Jackass member in Ryan Dunn who passed away in 2011.

"Got Ryan and Bam mixed up sorry Bam!!! HH," the former WWF Champion wrote in his correction.

Margera didn't seem offended by the mistake, as he did not respond to Hogan on Twitter.

This isn't the first time Hogan has left fans concerned by his actions on social media. In early May he tweeted out the word "Help" along with his HH signature on Twitter, leading many fans to believe he was in trouble. Hogan deleted the tweet and later tried to explain that the message was a typo.

"Sorry about the 'HELP' tweet, was at the Dodge Dealer trying to figure out why my iPhone wouldn't sync up to my Bluetooth! Oops, sorry HH," Hogan tweeted.

Hogan has also been vocal recently about returning to the WWE, dispite the company's numerous statements saying he would not be allowed back in following his firing in 2015 when racist comments made by hum were leaked online.

"Until you hit a home run, it's not a home run," Hogan said in an interview with Buffalo News in mid-May. "All these things say it's imminent or rumors, that's like saying 'maybe, possibly, could be.' Until I'm back home with the WWE, I'm not home. Hopefully, someday I can go back home and be with my family, the wrestlers and all the people I love. I just really, really hope it happens," he said.

"Everybody gets knocked down," he continued. "A true champion gets back up and moves forward in a positive way. Nobody ever said life would be fair or you'd always make the right decisions, but through tenacity and a willingness to learn from your mistakes is what I'm all about."


One former Superstar who has vocally supported a potential Hogan return is WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

"I'm not gonna sit here and say, 'no he should be blackballed, blacklisted from the game forevermore for saying something that a lot of us say on a daily basis. I don't myself, but a lot of us do. So, I say let this man, who has done so much for the wrestling business, truly take his rightful place, and that's back in the WWE," Booker said on a recent episode of his podcast.