Daniel Bryan Defeats Big Cass, Gets Destroyed Afterwards at Backlash

The most surprising part about the Big Cass vs. Daniel Bryan match at WWE Backlash was the "we want Enzo" chant that broke out just minutes into the bout.

Bryan spent the early portion of the match trying to cut down his much bigger opponent. Shots to the legs, a big drop kick from the top rope, the "yes kicks," and whatever else he could do.

That early offense didn't last long, with Cass working over Bryan with some big chops to Bryan's recently tormented chest (see: Greatest Royal Rumble). He continued the torment with some submission holds until Bryan fought back with a drop toe hold that sent Cass into the corner, followed up by some more kicks from Bryan. That didn't last long, though, as Cass fought back by launching Bryan up into the air and dropping him flat on the mat.

Cass' next move was a series of short-armed clotheslines, as this was basically your big man versus small man textbook match. Every time Bryan attempted to fight back and cut his opponent down, Cass would over power him and use some slow, grinding offense on his much smaller nemesis.


That is, until the finish, which saw Bryan nonchalantly get Cass locked into a Yes Lock and a quick submission from Cass. That finish was short-lived though as Cass attacked Bryan after the match. He destroyed him at ringside, tossing him around in front of the announce booth. The announcers noted that "Cass just can't accept the fact that he just got embarrassed."

The idea here was that Cass' attack would put the heat back on him so the fans will want to see Bryan get his revenge. With Bryan having already beat him, though, we'll have to see if the fans truly are interested in seeing a second match.