John Cena Observes #MayTheFourth in Homage to Darth Vader

WWE fans have clamored for a John Cena heel turn for nearly a decade. It may never happen, so you'll just have to settle for him cosplaying arguably the greatest villain in all of pop culture.

Friday is May 4, but to Star Wars enthusiasts, it's #MayTheForth. And to show that the Force is indeed strong within him Cena just posted a video of him moving a remarkable amount of weight while wearing a Darth Vader mask.

Like the rest of the civilized world, Cena has a clear appreciation for Star Wars. However, he's probably in a teeny demographic that actually exercises in costume.

Culturally relevant Twitter videos are all we see of John Cena these days. The 41-year old's busy schedule of filming and promoting movies is keeping his appearances in WWE more sporadic than ever.

However just because his in-ring contributions may be fleeting, his name has never been more relevant. Part of that is due to his demonstrating fattening Hollywood resume and the rest of it is due to his high profile break up with Nikki Bella.

The former First Couple of WWE has monopolized headlines since their split as neither has been shy in divulging their relative perspectives. But as the melodrama unfolds, there a budding sentiment that believes the breakup could all be staged.

But it's a little early to make a ruling on that verdict now.

In the meantime, well resume are waited for Cena to make his WWE return. There's no indication as to when he'll be back, but the 16-time WWE Champion could let his hiatus stretch to August's SummerSlam if he liked.


Right now, WWE is in a transitional period. With the absence of Cena and the prospective departure of Brock Lesnar, WWE will look for a new king. Anyone who's followed the company in recent years would point to Roman Reigns as being the successor, but he's had oddly flat 2018 and WWE may be looking into other candidates to take the torch.

Regardless of who assumes the throne, it's best to keep Cena out of the picture. WWE is teaming with young talent and with Cena goes, they'll be forced to evolve on their own.