Braun Strowman Posts Throwback Picture You Have to See to Believe

WWE's resident monster among men, Braun Strowman, took to Instagram on Wednesday to post an old photo from nine years ago that has the wrestling world talking.

Though Strowman posted the picture one day in advance of Throwback Thursday (Wayback Wednesday?), that didn't stop the wrestling world from relishing in a picture that shows a more, shall we say, pristine looking Braun.

Followers of WWE programming know Strowman as the muscled-up former strongman competitor with an epic beard and old school, world-beating mentality. That's what makes the picture all the more captivating. It shows a young Strowman (real name Adam Scherr) looking almost like a fraternity boy who is ready for some beach volleyball. This scene would make Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer blush.

Gone is the beard and long hair. Instead, we see Braun with a pink (that was unexpected) hat on and what looks to be a freshly shaved chest. But the absence of the beard is what has WWE fans talking. Speaking of which, why is #BabyfacedBraun not trending? Braun acknowledged the babyface, noting "I almost guarantee I still look like a child if I shaved."


Strowman is currently poised to take over the position of WWE's top babyface (no pun intended). With the Roman Reigns experiment continuing to fail, Strowman has organically got himself over with the crowd and continues to be a major source of intrigue for WWE fans. We're counting down the days until he becomes Universal Champion.

Rewinding just 9 years, Strowman's current trajectory may have seemed unimaginable. But that smooth-faced young man has become a bearded monster who may carry the world's biggest wrestling promotion for the next several years.