Seth Rollins Keeps Intercontinental Championship After Sensational Match with Finn Balor to Close RAW

Despite The Miz looming at Backlash this Sunday, Seth Rollins agreed to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Finn Balor on RAW—and we're all grateful he did.

With Rollins and Miz set for Sunday, the result of RAW's main event match was never in question, but it was still a blast to watch. Rollins pinned Balor to end a frenzied contest and a mostly quiet episode of RAW.

The expectedly raucous Montreal crowd wasted no time in getting invested into Rollins and Balor's display, but the tipping point came after Balor reversed Seth's patented Falcon Arrow.

A dramatic kick out lead to more high-octane offense that let Balor shine. However, after a Curb Stomp, it was over.

Rollins and Balor have shown on multiple occasions that they have great chemistry and tonight was just the latest installment. But it may be the last time we see them fight for a while.

Rollins and Balor have been picking at one another for most of 2018. Before WrestleMania, they were dueling babyface to The Miz's world-class heel character. While Balor has won a pair of RAW matches it's Rollins who not only has the pay-per-view victories but a demonstrably larger fan base.

With them both portraying good guy characters, them beating one another doesn't accomplish much, so barring a heel turn, or a demonic appearance, I'd guess we're done with Seth vs. Finn for a while.

But it is worth noting, that Finns opportunistic attack to open RAw combined with his increased physicality and jaw-jacking during their much could be an indicator of a villainous future—consider that a negligible detail, for now.

Where Finn goes from here is anyone's guess. Without Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, he's alone for the first time in a while, could The Demon make a resurgence?


For Seth, we'll know plenty more about his direction after Backlash. Beating The Miz would be quite the victory for Rollin, considering the A-Lister and the Intercontinental Championship have become synonymous in recent years.

Regardless of the results, I see Seth continued to climb up WWE's card an eventually inserting his name into the Universal Championship picture. It would take a movement of sorts, but it appears Rollins is summoning exactly that.