WWE Rumor: Backstage Belief Braun Strowman Should Replace Roman Reigns as Top Star

If Monday was the first time you tuned into RAW for a while, you'd think that Braun Strowman, not Roman Reigns, was the future of WWE. And apparently, this is how exactly how some WWE officials feel.

During an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer asserted that Strowman has earned support behind WWE's curtain and could eventually overtake Reigns as WWE's top guy.

“Well, they know that [Braun Strowman] is the most popular guy and I know there are people in the company who definitely think he should be the champion and he should be the guy that beats Brock Lesnar. Look, I think that’s probably better we’ll see. Maybe, in the end, that’s what they’ll do," he said.

No one in WWE has had a better calendar year than Braun Strowman. Graduating from Bray Wyatt's largest lamb to an undeniable main eventer, Strowman's meteoric rise may have even surprised himself.

But is he ready to be WWE's top guy?

It's impossible to say, but for WWE to pull a switch-a-roo in the immediate future would be a hasty decision.

As we all know, the plan for years has been to have Roman Reigns assume the highest throne in WWE. For Vince McMahon and Co. to abandon that plan just because Strowman is hot may be a little short-sighted.

However, we'll know a lot more about how WWE feels about this situation after the Greatest Royal Rumble.

A report surfaced on Tuesday indicating the WWE is undecided on their plans for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania 34 rematch. Conventional wisdom says Reigns will leave Saudi Arabia as Universal Champion, but there's wiggle room for some speculation.

Lesnar's new contract with WWE reportedly pays him by appearance, not salary. Even more, current belief has his taking a break from WWE for another run in UFC. That means that Lesnar's days as Universal Champion are numbered by that does;t mean he has to lose at The Greatest Royal Rumble, nor does it mean he has to lose to Roman Reigns.

If Lesnar shocks us again and pins Reigns in Jeddah, then he'll likely have one more chance to hand over his big red belt. Seeing that it would be hard for WWE to justify giving Reigns a third crack at Lesnar, The Beast incarnate would probably fight someone else at May 6'th Backlash.

And that someone else could certainly be Braun Strowman.

Now that's a heap of speculation, but the circumstances allow room for such crackpot theories to take a breath.


We'll have to wait and see what happens Friday.

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