Watch: Lana Pole Dances at Los Angeles Club

Lana, WWE’s Ravishing Russian and wife to Rusev, just uploaded a video of her pole dancing in a Los Angeles club.

To say the least, Lana looks to have honed the craft of sensual dance moves. We could;t spot Rusev in the frame, but he may have been pole dancing off camera.

"This is the reason why "Lana is the best Lana Number 1 👏🏽👏🏽! Go vote for #RusevLana (link in bio) #HappyRusevDay
@fashionnova stretch jeans," she wrote.

Not long ago, Lana was trying to make it on her own as a wrestler. However her gimmick, a sultry ballroom dancer, never landed with WWE fans. Even though that never panned out, Lana can take solace in the fact that she would have been a star attraction during WWE's Attitude Era.


If you were distracted by her gyrations, you may have missed Lana's prompt to go vote for #RusveLana, however, it's not for America's Got Talent, but for a second chance in WWE's Mixed Match Challenge.

So if Lana's performance spoke to you, go ahead and make her Rusev Day and give her and the Bulgarian Brute a vote!