Vince McMahon's Net Worth Proves WWE is Untouchable

It's no secret that Vince McMahon is rich. In fact, a lot of his success as an on-screen performer relied heavily on the truth that he was the wealthiest man in every building WWE entered. But even Vince's evil persona would blush at how much money real-life Vince McMahon has.

Forbes released their 2018 Billionaire List and Vince McMahon landed at 1,394 of 2,208 in the rankings. While he may seem low on the charts, don't feel too bad, because at this very moment Vince McMahon is worth $1.8 billion.

The whopping number is actually up a considerable tick up from 2017's $1.3 billion. So for anyone thinking that WWE is losing steam from year to year, just know that Vince McMahon himself made $500 million in 12 months.

There's no sign of that type of the lucrative growth stopping either, WWE seems to set a new revenue record every earnings report. Even more, WWE's stock is currently trading at an all-time high.

So for anyone who thinks that Roman Reigns is ruining WWE or that Brock Lesnar's salary is stunting the growth of the company, gaudy statistics like these would argue differently. The same goes for Ronda Rousey detractors, who for some reason, think that the former UFC Champion's presence in WWE has already damaged the future of the company.

Some folks just can't see the bigger picture, I suppose.

WWE is more of an institution than a business—think of it as a smaller version of the Vatican. They have zero competition, and quite literally have fans in every corner of the globe. While their quest for world dominance has forced them into a more family-friendly product, the bane of some fan's existence, it's a sacrifice that the McMahon's have happily made. Because no longer are they competing with WCW, but instead with the NFL and Disney.

While Vince may not yet have a strategy to fight Micky Mouse, he already has plans in place to go head-to-head with Rodger Goodell. McMahon spent most of January monopolizing headlines with the announcement of his decision to reboot the XFL.

This news sparked a swarm of rumors, with the intriguing centering around the potential sale of WWE by McMahon. Right now, the most prominent speculation has FOX buying the TV rights to WWE programming However, some believe that McMahon will sell his entire wrestling empire if the price is right.


Despite being 72, McMahon's ambition only seems to be growing. That, combined with his renegade nature should make the next few years very exciting to watch.

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