AJ Styles Says No to John Cena in WrestleMania Title Match

The mystery of who John Cena will wrestle at this year's edition of WrestleMania continues to be one of the biggest stories in WWE.

However, if you ask AJ Styles, he's got a strong opinion on what position he does not want to see Cena in on April 8 in New Orleans: the WWE title match.

During a Tuesday appearance on Busted Open Radio, Styles was asked about the prospect of his scheduled match with Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania becoming a triple threat with Cena. This week on Monday Night RAW, Cena teased winning the WWE title at Fastlane this Sunday and then Styles using his rematch clause at WrestleMania to make the title defense against Royal Rumble winner Nakamura a triple threat.

Though Styles was very complimentary of Cena during the interview (more on that in a second), he absolutely does not want to see Cena involved in his WrestleMania title bout.

"I guess John Cena was on RAW last night saying that he's going to win [at Fastlane] and I should invoke my rematch clause at WrestleMania so that it can be a three-way between myself, Nakamura and John Cena. Well I don't want to do that. I don't want to lose this match coming up at Fastlane. I want Nakamura all to myself," Styles said.

Styles went on to talk about how he and Nakamura have had one high profile match in the past, at NJPW's WrestleKingdom 10 in 2016.

"I've got a score to settle with Nakamura," Styles said "We had a match - one match - between him and I in Japan. He took that match, he won that one. He had home field advantage. I want the home field advantage this time and we'll see what happens. I want him all to myself."

As far as Cena goes, Styles did acknowledge the two of them have had some great matches since he came to WWE. Styles theory as to why that is might surprise you: they each favor different dominant hands.

"I'm not saying that John is a great athlete, I don't want to discredit who John is," Styles said. "He's not known for his moveset. But his psychology is unbelievable! Like, he gets it on another level. It makes up for things he lacks in his moveset because he's so unbelievable in that ring. When he and I work together... I say him signing something, and he is a leftie, he uses his left hand. I said, 'that's gotta be what it is John, that's why we work so well together, because you're a leftie and I'm a rightie and it just works.' We're different in every way, but we keep on putting on great matches."

We've got to agree with Styles here on both accounts. He and Cena have had some great matches in WWE, but WrestleMania would be best left to Nakamura and Styles having a show-stealing singles match.


Plus, Cena may have a certain dead man to deal with anyway.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the interview transcript.]