Roman Reigns Candidly Addresses Brock Lesnar WrestleMania Rumors

There have been a plethora of rumors surrounding Roman Reigns and a potential WrestleMania rematch with Brock Lesnar, and The Big Dog himself just openly addressed them.

Reigns is an Elimination Chamber victory away from earning a WrestleMania 31 sequel with WWE’s Universal Champion. Seeing that match is so close, Reigns can’t help but reflect on his previous battle with the Beast Incarnate.

He said the following to CBS Local Sports when asked about potentially meeting Lesnar in New Orleans.

“Yeah, we definitely have that. I think what puts validity behind this whole situation is we had a barnburner of a match. It’s one of the favorites that I’ve ever … Well, let me take that back. It’s not my favorite because it didn’t feel good. But going back and seeing it and the outcome and the story and the reaction and just the rollercoaster ride that the crowd took with us, it was one of my finer days at work,” he said.

However, even though there are positive notes to appreciate, the bitter defeat still haunts Reigns.

There’s always gonna be that animosity to wanna finish the job. Not only towards Brock but towards Seth for interrupting that. The key is to be able to get to that point and deliver and capitalize. Hopefully, I’ll get the shot. We gotta go through the Chamber on Sunday. We gotta make it out of that unscathed and then take a ride to Suplex City. It sounds a lot better than it really feels. Trust me,” he said.

Current sentiment has Reigns winning on Sunday and punching his ticket for ‘Mania’s main event. But Reigns has more than that going for him. Ever since WrestleMania 33 shut off its cameras, WWE has reportedly by preserving a Reigns/Lesnar rematch at WrestleMania 34. To ensure their rivalry feels fresh, WWE kept the two Superstars away from each other as they only brushed shoulders at SummerSlam’s Fatal 4 Way.


While Lesnar has beefed with Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Kane, Reigns spent most of 2017 occupied with a Shield Reunion, a turn with the Intercontinental Championship and his own tussles with Bruan Strowman.

But Now it looks like the two are set to converge one more time. And given Lesnar’s context situation, WrestleMania 34 may be the very last time we see he and Reigns go toe-to-toe.