Possible Spoiler Regarding Kurt Angle's WrestleMania Opponent

The latest episode of RAW, WWE teased tension between Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins. And apparently, that situation is only going to get worse.

Original plans called for Seth Rollins to have a WrestleMania blowout with Angle’s son, Jason Jordan. But new information suggests that Rollins is now destined to meet the Olympic Gold medalist and RAW GM for a one-on-one match in New Orleans.

WrestleVotes, a twitter handle with a source within WWE states that current expectation has WWE citing Rollins and Angle against one another.

Like most of WWE, a lot of Angle and Rollins’ WrestleMania future depends on where Ronda Rousey lands on for the April mega show. However, with Angle and Rollins being crossed off as potential partners for the former UFC Champion, that frees them up to fight each other.

Technically this would another instance of Shield members fighting one another. Angle was an honorary Hound of Justice for Octobers TLC pay-per-view where he filled in for a sick Roman Reigns. But that will be a distant memory if and when he and Rollins turn on one another.

Finding Rollins’ WrestleMania dancing partner has been a long game of musical chairs. Before Dean Ambrose’s injury, it appeared that WWE would cash in on a heated Ambrose/Rollins rivalry. But Ambrose was replaced by Jason Jordan, who, sadly also came up injured.

So now WWE is on its third leg of Rollins’ WrestleMania opponents with Angle. This would mark the second consecutive WrestleMania that Rollins squared off with a legend from the past as last year he pinned Triple H. At 49 years old, there’s little reason for Angle to beat Rollins, so if this match does actually manifest, it would have to be a quick win for Rollins.

For now, consider this a fun rumor. However, it does seem to fit the current direction as it’s a high profile match for two high profile players.

Photo : WWE