It Looks Like Paige Found a New Boyfriend

So far, 2018 has been rough for Paige. In January, WWE informed the 25-year old her in-ring career was over due to injury. However, not all of the New Year is so somber - it looks like Paige found a little romance.

If Instagram is any indicator, it appears that Paige the bassist for metalcore band, Atilla, Kalan Blehm, are a budding couple.

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In the fall of 2017, Paige and former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio broke off their engagement. Their split was surprisingly cordial, but Del Rio has since made inflammatory comments. However, Paige looks to be feeling her new man, now.

Paige’s injury is all too sobering as her return injected and a poignant enthusiasm into WWE. After having a dreadful 2017, Paige, WWE, and her fans were ready to ride her momentum into the biggest year of her career. Her being stripped of that experience is cruelly unfair.

Paige missed all of 2017 thanks to neck surgery. She revealed a few weeks ago that her doctors warned her not to wrestle again in fear of causing permanent damage. However, Paige made her defiant return and after a Sasha Banks kick at a December 27th live event, the doctor's omen looked to have manifested.

Paige hasn't wrestled since the Banks kick and by all indications not written by Paige herself, it looks like her career is finished.

Photo: Instagram/Paige