Triple H Is In, Jason Jordan's Out at Survivor Series

Monday night was a rough night for Jason Jordan.

He started the show out by facing Bray Wyatt, with Wyatt having an opportunity to take Jordan's place on Team RAW if he was victorious. Jordan emerged victorious, but his ankle did not.

Following the match, Wyatt went berserk and attacked Jordan. He slammed his ankle repeatedly into the ring post, prompting the fans in attendance to chant "Thank you Wyatt." Perhaps that's a sign this babyface thing just isn't working for him.

Later in the show, Jordan cried to Angle backstage that he couldn't remove him from Team RAW. He talked about fighting his whole life for this chance, but Angle struggled with letting his "son" compete injured at the PPV.

During the third hour of the show, Angle came out to make an announcement. He talked about how he could not, in good faith, allow Jordan to compete at Survivor Series. Jordan limped out on to the stage, begging Angle to change his mind. He whined about how this was his one chance to wrestle side by side with his "dad" during the one time RAW faces SmackDown (well, except for that Styles vs. Balor match less than a month ago).

The fans boo'ed this to high heavens and rightfully so. It was cringeworthy. What wasn't was what happened next.

Stephanie McMahon came out and ordered Angle to make the announcement or she would. Angle then introduced the new final member of Team RAW, Triple H.

Triple H stormed down the aisle, got in the ring, and looked Angle face to face. After both Triple H and Angle nodded at each other, Hunter turned around and gave Jordan a Pedigree (much to the delight of the crowd).

Angle then acted surprised and hovered over Jordan in shock as Triple H stormed back up the ramp.