Jake Roberts Says He Tried To Help Ric Flair, Was Denied

So far, Ric Flair's recovering from his summer health care has gone quite well.

Flair recovered, left the hospital, and has started to make appearances since his brush with death. He's even advertised for WWE's Starrcade themed live event in North Carolina later this month.

As has been reported at length, one of the top contributors to Flair's health issues was his years of alcohol abuse. For those who watched the premiere of Flair's 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN this week, that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. During the film, he spoke about how he routinely drank ten beers and five mixed drinks every single day during his career.

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Apparently, Flair made the decision to quit cold turkey while in the hospital and has been doing a pretty good job of following through with that. However, one WWE Hall of Famer who has struggled from the same issues and demons in the past said he tried to put Flair on the right path and was declined: Jake Roberts.

Roberts discussed is his recent interaction with Flair during an interview with CYInterview.

"I even tried to help Mr. Flair and I hope Ric can do it. He's sure going at it with the wrong attitude. He thinks he snapped his fingers, that he can just beat it. There's a lot more to it. He's in the hospital and he's made that decision to quit drinking. My God I made that decision a million times and he thinks that's all there is to it. There's a lot more to it because you know why he's in that hospital, that disease we call alcoholism is outside doing push-ups getting ready for him to come out of the hospital. You're in a guarded position in the hospital. You know, there's not a lot of alcohol around," said Roberts.

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Flair was reportedly not interested in any help from either Roberts or Diamond Dallas Page.

Roberts certainly has a point. For people that have struggled with alcoholism for decades, they typically can not be left on their own to conquer that demon. We sure hope that Flair's determination will be enough to overcome the root of his health problems, but he certainly has many people that would like to help him if he needs assistance.