Roman Reigns and Big E Teasing Huge Survivor Series Match

While WWE has yet to officially make an announcement, it certainly looks like we will be getting The Shield vs. The New Day at Survivor Series. The health of Roman Reigns will dictate the match being 3-on-3 or 2-on-2, but The Big Dog's most recent tweets indicate that we'll be seeing a 6-man tag match on November 19.

It all started when the New Day's anchor, Big E, threw a little shade at Reigns when responding to a fan on Twitter.

Because of it's 2017, Reigns caught wind of the insult in no time and jabbed back.

As a master of wit, Big E was all too ready to retort.


Ordinarily, Reigns and Big E wouldn't be crossing each other on social media. However, after The New Day barged into RAW's main event this past Monday and passive-aggressively cost Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose the Raw Tag Team Championships, there is now considerable strife between the 2 groups.

At this moment, Reign's status for Survivor Series is still questionable. The Big Dog is scheduled for RAW next week, but WWE has been hesitant to market his return to action at the Houston pay-per-view. However, Reigns trading barbs with Big E is a great sign that he'll be OK to compete next Sunday.


The saga of Reigns' battle against an unnamed viral infection has been packed full of twists and turns. Once confirmed as a last-minute scratch for TLC, Reigns' absence has started a domino effect that has altered the course of WWE. If Reigns had not been infected, Kurt Angle would have never participated at TLC, nor would he be wrestling at Survivor Series. Even more, if Reigns had stayed healthy, Survivor Series would have likely been Shield-centric and would not have developed the compelling RAW vs. SmackDown theme

In Reign's absence, WWE has been forced book on the fly, and the byproducts of that creativity have been numerous. Survivor Series is quickly becoming the most exciting show WWE has promoted since WrestleMania and a Shield vs New Day would be the proverbial cherry on an awesome sundae.