Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home


Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home

WWE Producer Out After Bullet Club Involvement

Jimmy Jacobs is out as a WWE employee and the timing is more than a little interesting.

A couple of weeks ago, several members of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club showed up outside of the WWE RAW tapings in Ontario, California. The group was in town for a signing at a Hot Topic store, which now carries Bullet Club merchandise, and so they staged the invasion to imitate what DX did many years ago outside of WCW Nitro.

WWE was none too pleased with the group's actions. The "invasion" was filmed for the popular "Being The Elite" webseries that Bullet Club members Matt and Nick Jackson (the Young Bucks) publish on YouTube. Soon thereafter, WWE made legal threats against the group to stop using the "Too Sweet" hand sign and catchphrase, which the Bucks have been using for many years on merchandise and ring gear.

Clearly, the Bullet Club upset the wrong people and WWE decided to flex their legal muscles in response. That's what makes this latest piece of the puzzle so interesting.

Jimmy Jacobs has been with WWE since 2015, working in a backstage capacity. In fact, he's featured prominently on the recent Kevin Owens documentary produced by WWE Home Video. He had previously been under contract in 2005 as a performer in WWE developmental.

Jacobs took a photo with Bullet Club members when they staged the invasion in California, which you can see below.

Clearly, Jacobs is long time friends with many in the faction, so in publishing the photo to his social media feed, he was just sharing a photo of a reunion of sorts. According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, this action was the "last straw" for Jacobs and his job with WWE. He reportedly made his exit from the company last week.

The report does not note whether Jacobs' deal had expired, he quit, or he was officially released, but it does note that there is major heat on him for his Bullet Club photo-op.

Regardless of Jacobs' exit from WWE, there will certainly be a place for him in the wrestling business. He has a lot of respect in the industry for having a great mind for the inner workings of the business and many promotions could definitely benefit from his involvement.