Update on Neville Quitting WWE

Most of WWE's best drama happens in the ring. But this week, the story of Neville's sudden departure from the company is the juiciest thing going in WWE.

We reported earlier this week that Neville stormed out of Monday night RAW well before the show aired. Originally, Neville was supposed to be losing the Cruiserweight Championship match against Enzo Amore in the show's main event. Neville took grievance with the idea an bolted from the building and possibly WWE.

According to Dave Meltzer, WWE was hoping that Neville would show up for Tuesday's SmackDown, but he remained absent. Meltzer also claims, thanks to his sources within the company, WWE believes that Neville is gone for good.

However, a story from PWInsider yesterday asserts that Neville is actually still with the company.

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As you can see there's quite a bit of conflicting information circulating. At this point, it's wrong to assume that anything is absolute. With such limited information, we'll just have wait for more of this story to unfold.

There is the possibility that all of this is a work - one that would significantly impact Neville's character on WWE television. The former Cruiserweight Champion has been rumored to be jumping to Smackdown and such a dramatic exit from RAW could serve as his launching point to SmackDown.

In both reality and kayfabe, it's not hard to imagine Neville being disgruntled. Having endured some tough challenges on the main roster, he was forced to re-invent himself. To his credit, he did and has made the case to be WWE's MVP of 2017.

Many forget that Neville was the original figurehead of NXT. Peers like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have gone on to become more relevant in WWE, but perhaps Neville's opportunities are on the way, provided he's still with the company.

Fiery exits like Neville's used to be a right of passage for WWE Superstars. Shawn Michaels was infamous for butting heads with Vince McMahon as was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Keeping in mind that Neville is not only highly talented but also one of WWE's more developed characters, let's hope that The King of the Cruiserweights can make amends.

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