Matt Hardy to Unveil 'Broken' Character at RAW Tonight?

The Hardy Boyz have been doing their best to keep their iconic Broken characters relevant since joining WWE. Despite their efforts to keep hope alive, it seemed that the Broken Hardys would never be a thing in WWE. However, due to Jeff Hardy's unfortunate injury, Matt and WWE may finally have a window of opportunity.

Early Tuesday morning, Matt posted a video that is hard to misinterpret. In a brief vignette dedicated to RAW's host city, Denver, Matt Hardy looked to have channeled his uber-popular Broken gimmick.

Despite being legally handcuffed, Matt and Jeff Hardy have not been shy about their Broken characters. The brothers strike their "Delete" chants upon every entrance and at least hit a few notes of their IMPACT/GFW owned characters in most WWE interviews.

Ever since The Hardys made their return at WrestleMania 33, Matt and the WWE Universe has been dying to unleash the personas that made them a cult favorite during their last days in TNA. In that same span, TNA/Impact president Ed Nordholm has been adamant that without financial compensation, the Broken Universe would only be seen in the TNA archives.

The former Tag Team Champion noted on Twitter recently that the “Great War” was days away from ending, appearing to reference the ongoing trademark issues with Anthem and GFW/Impact Wrestling regarding the rights to the “Broken” universe. Since, a story broke that Impact/GFW were essentially insolvent but that report was proved to be exaggerated (even though the Hardy's celebrated the news).

It is possible the WWE purchased the Broken rights form Impact which would allow Matt use his Broken self as freely as he likes. However, WWE may have been waiting for a proper time to utilizes the compelling character. With Jeff Hardy hurt, the timing may not be better for Matt to be Broken.

Hardy's latest video is certainly his most unabashed attempt at injecting the Broken character and we may actually be in store for the big change tonight.