Garth Brooks Calls Ricky Skaggs' Country Music Hall of Fame Induction 'Long Overdue'


Garth Brooks Calls Ricky Skaggs' Country Music Hall of Fame Induction 'Long Overdue'

Ric Flair's First Move After Health Scare? Fire Someone

Now that Ric Flair has a new lease on life, it looks like he's ready to start fresh. The first order of business for The Nature Boy was firing his manager, Melinda Morris Zanoni.

He posted the following yesterday on Twitter:

There's currently no information floating around as to why Flair fired Zanoni, but we can assume Flair has his reasons. Zanoni was the first sources of news for Flair's August health crisis. She posted several (seemingly harmless) messages that broke the news that Ric Flair had been hospitalized. As the saga unfolded, Flair's fiancè would take over as The Nature Boy's public liaison.

Today, Flair announced his new management team.

Things seem to be turning in the right direction for Ric Flair and his family. After surviving quite the health scare, Ric now gets to enjoy the release of a book he co-authored with his daughter, Charlotte. Perhaps the firing and hiring of management teams were in the name of a more productive book release. Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte is set to hit stores on September 19th.

The first half of the memoir covers the final moments in Ric Flair's wrestling career as well as documenting his personal struggles with divorce and the death of his son, Reid.

For Charlotte, the current WWE Superstar details her childhood as the Nature Boy's daughter along with her introduction and imminent success in the wrestling industry.

It would go against the fibers of the Ric Flair character to take it easy after surviving a dance with death. Staying true to his Nature, Flair is already back in the public eye. Expect to see him back on WWE cameras soon rather than later.