Finn Balor Becomes The First WWE Universal Champion At SummerSlam

finn seth
(Photo: WWE)

Finn Balor might be new to the WWE main roster, but the Demon King was throned the inaugural WWE Universal Championship after taking down "The Man" Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. 

History was indeed made at SummerSlam as Finn Balor is the first WWE Superstar to win a world title at his first pay per view event as he became the first WWE Universal Championship. Although the New York crowd had some mixed reaction about the reveal of the Universal Championship's design, Monday Night Raw now has a world title once again. 

Rollins had hit the Pedigree twice, but Balor was able to take Rollins from ringpost to ringpost and finally hit the Coupe De Grace and starting his own legacy as the first Universal Champion. 

It's interesting to note that there have been only two superstars that have been both NXT Champion and a world champion and they both were in this match. Finn celebrated with his parents ringside who came all the way from Ireland to see their son make history.