Young 'This Is Us' Stars Snubbed by SAG Awards for Second Year Straight

This Is Us' young talent is once again being snubbed by the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The competition series famously left the teen versions of the series' lead characters out of the eligible cast members eligible for the awards show, as they did not appear in more than half of the episodes of the series.

The rule appears to once again be leaving out series favorites Niles Fitch, Logan Shroyer and Hannah Zeile — the teen Randall, Kevin and Kate, respectively — out of the running and uninvited from the awards ceremony alongside the rest of the cast.

Sources told Page Six the rule has resulted in some tension behind the scenes. Sources claim that the series could have given more screen time to the actors to avoid the problem from happening again.

At last year's event, the main cast of the series brought their young co-stars with them to the ceremony as their plus-ones, after the news that they had been snubbed was first made known.

According to the outlet, child actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak (who plays the child version of Chrissy Metz's Kate) thanked Metz on Twitter during the 2018 awards ceremony for "very graciously & selflessly giving up her plus one so [she] could attend the SAG awards."

"Some of the kid ensemble didn't appear in enough episodes 2 qualify, but when the adults found out, they stepped up & offered their plus one. Thank U!" the young star wrote at the time.

Page Six reports that Ventimiglia even bought replica awards for the young actors so they could share their win.

"Everyone complained last year," a source told the publication. "It wasn't fair and it was supposed to be remedied."

The source added, "People are upset it happened again. It was very close. They needed one more episode or [a few more] minutes and they would have been included."

The young actors will reportedly be eligible for individual nominations, but will not be listed as part of the ensemble of the series in the cast category. This Is Us took home the award for best cast in a drama series in 2018, as well as the best actor award for Sterling K. Brown.


Along with the usual timelines the drama series covers — including the present day when the Big Three are adults, and their time growing up as both children and teens — season 3 has explored Jack (Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's early days of their relationship, as well as Jack's time fighting in the Vietnam war.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.