'Young Sheldon' Promotes Cast Member to Series Regular for Season 6

Young Sheldon's Mandy McAllister is here to stay. Emily Osment, who joined the CBS comedy in Season 5 as the recurring character, will be returning to Season 6 as a series regular, reported Deadline Wednesday. Mandy is currently struggling after learning she's pregnant with Georgie's (Montana Jordan) baby while trying to handle the fact that he lied to her about his age.

Osment's character became a fan favorite after she made her first appearance in the Jan. 13 episode titled "A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit." Viewers were introduced to the 29-year-old former weather announcer when Sheldon's 17-year-old brother Georgie struck up a relationship with Mandy, lying to her at first about just how young he is. Then, in the March 31 episode titled "A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth," Georgie revealed the truth about his age, and not long after, Mandy learned she was pregnant with his child.

What lies ahead for the new mom has yet to be revealed, but going by the history laid down in The Big Bang Theory, wedding bells may be ringing for Mandy and Georgie soon, as Sheldon's big brother marries for the first time at age 19 and has two ex-wives when Sheldon and Amy win their Nobel Prize.

Osment took to her Instagram to celebrate the news, writing alongside a screenshot of her series regular announcement, "Your favorite CBS Thursday night baby mama is here to stay! This show is a hilarious well oiled machine and i'm so grateful to be brought on for the ride," She continued, "Thank you Chuck, Steve and everyone at @youngsheldoncbs," before hashtagging "season six" and adding a "WOO" for good measure. 

Young Sheldon wraps up Season 5 on Thursday, May 19, and was already renewed through Season 7. In the season finale "A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future," Sheldon (Iain Armitage) struggles with the first signs of puberty as both Mary (Zoe Perry) and George Sr. (Lance Barber) hunt for new jobs as Meemaw (Annie Potts) take a business trip across the border following her breakup with Dale (Craig T. Nelson). Young Sheldon airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.