'Yellowstone' Tense Bar Brawl Scene Leaves Twitter Talking

Yellowstone is famous for some wild scenes at the ranch, but a fight at the local bar had fans hollering during the Season 2 premiere.

"A Thundering" introduced the crew to new wrangler Cowboy (Steven Williams), who arrived that the Dutton Ranch looking for work and quickly had the other wranglers on their toes.

While they were all having dinner, Ryan (Ian Bohen) attempts to pick a fight with the new face on the ranch but he proves himself to be a tough new character, gaining the respect of many during the scene. He also bonded with Walker (Ryan Bingham), who seemed to be further detached from the group as he played his guitar rather than eat his dinner.

Later in the episode, Cowboy motivated the other workers to play a game of cowboy poker, in which they sit in the bullpen and try to be the last person to rush out after releasing a bull.

Avery (Tanaya Beatty) proved to be the toughest of them all, never moving from the spot until after the bull tackled the table. The moment made Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) angry and prompted him to send them over to the bar, where things just got rowdier.

At the bar, Jimmy (Jefferson White) and Avery have a sweet bonding moment before one of the customers interrupts asking her to dance. She rejects the offer but Jimmy escalates the situation feeling the guy to go way, prompting a major brawl that leaves both of them with punches in the face and many injured members of the crew.

Rip and Kayce (Luke Grimes) find out about what happened and return to the bar with the crew, a bull and baseball bats to enact their revenge. They set a bull loose at the bar to cause chaos inside and beat the men responsible for the violence with the bats as they attempt to flee from the bull.


After putting the bull back in its cage, the manager protests their actions but Rip tells him he has to ensure his men are safe when they visit the bar. Kayce ends the discussion saying that if something like that every happens again, he would "burn the place down."

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