'Yellowstone' Reveals Monica's Fate

Yellowstone has revealed the fate of Monica Long (Kelsey Asbille) after episode 6’s cliffhanger appeared to show her death.

Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone episodes 6 and 7.

In episode 6, Monica was accidentally punched by a student at her school while breaking up a fight. She fell to the ground and banged her head on the concrete, rendering her unconscious.

She receives some quick medical treatment by a school nurse and heads home where she seems unwell.

In the episode's final scene, Monica collapses onto the ground near her front steps. Her husband Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) rushes over and checks her pulse, which seems to be weak or nonexistent. He begins to perform CPR.

The last shot shows Kayce repeatedly performing CPR to no avail. It is unclear if Monica will survive the ordeal.

Episode 7 begins with a doctor discussing Monica’s condition with Kayce. Monica apparently suffered an epidural hematoma, a build-up of blood on the brain. Kayce does not care about the terminology; he just wants to know if his wife is alive.

“She's alive,” the doctor says. “She's in recovery. We had to perform what is called a cranimoty, where we remove a piece of her skull. We used the suction to remove the hemotoma. We've got her on a ventolater to help her breathe, and we'll just continue to relieve the pressure.”

A visibly flustered Kayce then asks if she will survive this whole ordeal. However, the doctor’s words offer only a slim bit of optimism.

“With brain injuries, it's impossible to form an accurate prognosis so soon after the trauma,” the doctor says. “But she survived the surgery. Many don't. She's young, she's strong. you have reason to hope.”

Kayce then asks if he and their son, Tate (Brecken Merrill) can see her. The doctor does not recommend, but Kayce insists that’s at least he wants to see her.

He walks into her treatment area, where she’s is heavily bandaged and breathing through a tube.

“You’re right, I shouldn't have seen her,” Kayce says.

He then holds her hand for a brief moment then leaves.


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Photo Credit: Paramount Network