'Yellowstone': Beth and Monica Threw Major Shade in Episode 2, and Fans Are Loving It

The women of Yellowstone are known for taking no nonsense from the men who surround them, but Beth and Monica's latest takedowns on Episode 2 had fans even more obsessed with the characters.

"New Beginnings" saw man of the members of the Dutton family start new and exciting chapters, including Kayce (Luke Grimes) taking a bigger role at the ranch as Beth (Kelly Reilly) began her plan of buying properties in her attempts to save her family's legacy.

Monica, who is still going by her maiden name amid her continued separation from Kayce, also started an exciting new chapter as she began to teach her American History class at the university.

In one particular scene, Beth had fans of the Paramount Network drama screaming on social media after she took down a cocky real estate agent who tried to lure her into a property that wasn't on sale.

"Why are you showing it to me?" she asked the agent. After he keeps talking and revealing the name is the Pelican Ranch, he shows his true character when he makes fun of property's owners and Beth immediately shuts him down.

"What's with the wit?" she began. "Does the fast math on your commission make you a little cocky? Feeling good? Showing us properties that aren't for sale.. Boy you're on a tear. Might go home and lay some pipe to the old lady. Look at you with you capped teeth and your spray tan. Get the f- out of my office."

"Go write up the offer, email it, so we don't have to look at you again... And when you get your commission, I want you to shove it up your waxed ass you cheesy motherf—er. F-, I hate real estate agents," she ended before heading out to buy off the property he suggested in cash and cutting him out of another commission.

Monica faced her own problems with misogyny and racism on her first day teaching the course, first when a female student suggested she was the teacher's aide, and later when a male student compared her to a porn star.

"Misogyny, who refreshing. If you can fit in a Pocahontas joke you'll hit the trifecta." She begun as she related some of Christopher Columbus' most sinister journal entries and behaviors during the colonial era to the student's actions.

"You ever feel like that Trent? You ever feel like making someone do what you want, whether they want to or not?" She added. "It's a very European mentality stemming from the oppressive, political and religious structures of the Renaissance... that was the mentality of the men who discovered America. What you know of history is a dominant culture's justification of its actions, and I don't teach that."


After her lecture, the student proved approached her and apologized for his crass words, leading to further praise on social media.

Yellowstone airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.