Iconic 'X-Files' Star Returning for Season 11

In 1994, one episode of The X-Files proved to be far too intense for viewers, immediately being banned for years after its broadcast. One of the stars of the episode, Karin Konoval, will be appearing in the upcoming 11th season of the series playing an all-new series of characters.

"While Karin Konoval won't be reprising her role as the mother-under-the-bed in the fan-favorite episode 'Home,' she will be returning in a tour-de-force performance in an early episode," showrunner Chris Carter teased, according to Entertainment Weekly. "Or, more accurately — performances."

In Season 4's "Home," Konoval starred as the matriarch of the Peacock family who lived on an isolated farm. To say the Peacock family "kept to themselves" would be an understatement, as it was discovered that the family members had been inbreeding for years. Agents Mulder and Scully encountered the family after the discovery of a newborn's body near their farm, leading to an investigation of the superhumanly strong family.

Konoval notably played the mother of the family who had lost many of her limbs in a car accident and was believed to be dead. Rather, she was kept under a bed in the Peacock home, emerging only to procreate with her sons.

The controversial subject matter and violence of the episode caused it to be the first episode in the series to receive the TV-MA rating and, following its debut, didn't air in syndication until a special Halloween airing occurred years later.

The upcoming 11th season of The X-Files will be 10 episodes and will air sometime in the midseason. This will be a follow-up to the series' 10th season, which were the first new episodes since 2001.



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