'Winning Time' Season 2 Release Window Revealed

The upcoming season of Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty could be released very soon. According to Jeff Sneider of The Ankler and Below the Line, the basketball comedy-drama will premiere Season 2 this spring/summer. Sneider said there will be a lot of "promotion again timed to the NBA playoffs."

Season 1 of Winning Time was a big hit for HBO. The ratings grew for nearly every episode, and the show earned an Emmy nomination. The first season debuted on March 6, 2022, and featured 10 episodes. The series takes a look at the Lakers in the early 1980s when they were on their way to becoming a dynasty. Winning Time stars John C. Reiley, Quincy Isaiah, Jason Clarke, Adrian Brody, Gabby Hoffman, Jason Segel, Tracy Letts, Hadley Robinson, Solomon Hughes and DeVaugh Nixon.

Winning Time also features Sean Patrick Small who plays Larry Bird. PopCulture.com spoke to Small last year about how he landed one of the biggest roles in his career.   I had actually started writing my own mini-series about Bird and Magic when they were seniors in high school, all the way to the 1979 National Championship game. So I'd been doing all this research and writing and pitching for that show for the past seven to eight years," Small said. 

"And I saw Bo Burnham was initially cast, so I was like, okay, well I'm excited to watch that show, but got to keep pitching my thing. And then I was with my wife. We were about to fly to Denver and her sister texted me and it was just like screenshots of her friend texting her saying, 'There's this casting out for this Larry Bird role. Sean should audition for it. It's for an HBO show that Adam McKay's producing.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I should, because I know all the research and all the backstory and stuff.'"

Winning Time showrunner Max Borenstein spoke to Deadline last year about expectations for Season 2. "This next season is going to be, you know, taking the same pace that this first season did, roughly, to tell the next piece of the story, which involves Paul Westhead and Pat Riley, and a struggle Magic has that next year, and Jerry West's next step in the direction of becoming the general manager," Borenstein said. "There's a lot of transitional stuff that starts to happen in that next season."