'Will & Grace': Alec Baldwin Returns After Karen Disappears

Will & Grace brought back Alec Baldwin's Malcolm Widmark in the latest episode, as Karen mysteriously disappeared before receiving game-changing news.

As Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) dealt with the aftermath of his mom and her dad getting married to each other, Karen (Megan Mullally) reflected on whether she had made the right call breaking up with Malcolm (Baldwin) in favor of staying faithful to her husband.

The series then flashed forward three months finding Grace running for President of the New York Society of Interior Designers, Will teaching at a local law school and Jack taking a break from his fiancee, Estefan after discovering a newfound fear of commitment.

The three of them are then startled by separate calls from the police, and they later are informed that Karen has been missing for the past five days. The show then finds Karen concealing her identity with sunglasses and a scarf while taking a tour of the Universal Studios backlot.

Back in New York, Grace, Will and Jack look back on the last time they saw Karen, where she revealed to each of them that her husband Stan had found out about her affair, and she feared that he might be having someone follow her to hurt her.

She announces to Jack that she has to run away and they might never see each other again — as Jack and Estefan are showering together and having a discussion about commitment.

Will then suggests if Malcolm might have something to do with her disappearance, given his ties to the CIA. Jack starts to text Malcolm, but he bursts into the apartment before he presses send.

"I didn't even send the text yet," Jack says.

"I get your texts even before you send them," Malcolm says. "A little gift from my friends at Cambridge Analytica."

Will asks Malcolm if her knows where Karen went, and he says he does not, though he suspects she might have run away after Stan found out about the affair they had — after he told Stan.

"I told him," Malcolm admits to the friends. "You know that I've worked for Stan off and on for many years. He suspected that someone was sleeping with his wife, so he offered me a good deal of money to find out who."

"But it was you," Jack said.

"Easiest five large I've ever made," Malcolm says. "Except of curse for betting on the last election."

Malcolm says that Karen might be in big trouble, and as he wonders if he will ever hear her voice again. Karen arrives at the apartment and says she knew it was him who ratted them out to Stan, and slaps him in the face. Karen tells him that now that the secret is out she still wants Malcolm out of her life for good, so he walks away feeling defeated.

The police detective that first notified Will, Grace and Jack of Karen's disappearance arrives, and Karen recognizes her as the "goon" that has been following her on Stan's behalf. She reveals she is not there to hurt Karen, but to serve her divorce papers.


With Karen becoming a single woman, Jack still getting married despite the hiccup and Will and Grace embarking on new professional adventures, the possibilities are endless for what the rest of the season might bring.

Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.