'Whiskey Cavalier': Viewers Weigh in on 'The Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan's New Show

Whiskey Cavalier officially premiered Wednesday, and viewers had lots to say about Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan's new spy dramedy.

The pilot episode introduced fans to FBI Special Agent Will Chase (Foley)—code name Whiskey Cavalier—a federal agent reeling from a devastating breakup and struggling to keep his cool at work because of it.

His latest mission finds him and his friend and co-worker Ray Prince (Josh Hopkins) chasing down an escaped NSA analyst. The missing brings him face-to-face to CIA agent Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge (Cohan), who is also on the case to find the analyst.

"I'm so here for this [Whiskey Cavalier]," one Twitter user wrote.

"I feel very strongly that Whiskey Cavalier is going to be my new favorite show," another user commented.

As Will and Frankie fight to one-up one another during the episode, the mystery of NSA analyst Edgar Standish (Tyler James Williams) got complicated when it was revealed the man was a whistleblower, and he was being chased because he could uncover some dangerous secrets.

The episode also introduced Will's close friend Susan Sampson (Ana Ortiz), a prominent FBI analyst who saves lives on a daily basis, and Frankie's confidante, Jai Datta (Vir Das), a CIA agent who gives advice to his less emotional partner.

Some viewers criticized the series for being inaccurate in the world of spies.

While the series has a comedic tone, it was not without its dramatic plot twists and tense action sequences. Early on in the episode, a criminal shoots Will in the chest and it appears as if he might be down for the count, only for the FBI agent to stand up and reveal a bulletproof vest kept him from being hurt.

The episode's most dramatic moment comes after Frankie gets injured and Will is forced to take her and Edgar back to Ray's villa. After healing Frankie's injuries, Will is devastated at the realization that his best friend has been dating his ex-fiancée for the past seven months.

Things get even more complicated when Will's boss Alex Ollerman (Dylan Walsh) arrives and reveals he ordered Evan killed because he had found out Alex's criminal activities. The big showdown resulted in Will killing Alex, after Frankie created a diversion with an explosive tampon.

"Amazing episode I am really excited for the future of the show," another user commented.

"Maggie from The Walking Dead is that you?! Damn girl!" Another user commented.

"So far I'm really enjoying this pilot the mix between the comedic parts and the action is honestly perfect," another user wrote.


Back in the U.S., both Will and Frankie's bosses announce that the mission inspired them to form a joint task force where they will work together, along with their friends, on missions around the world.

Are you hooked on the new ABC dramedy? Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.