'Wheel of Fortune' Reveals Which Disney Character Will Replace Vanna White as Letter-Turner on Tonight's Episode

Wheel of Fortune will continue to look a little different its every day viewers as Vanna White continues to take the reins in place of Pat Sajak due to his emergency surgery during filming. With White coming into the forefront, it seems like the show will employ a rotation to fill in for her spot along the letter board.

In Monday’s episode during White’s first hosting, it was Minnie Mouse who was on board duty. It appears that another mouse will be taking on the role on Tuesday’s episode. The show’s official Twitter account provided a not-too-secretive tease as to who will be taking White’s responsibilities: Mickey Mouse.

White’s first go-around as host drew some strong fan responses as many could sense her nerves. The longtime letter-turner was informed she would be hosting shortly after Sajak needed to get emergency surgery due to a blocked intestine.

She didn’t have much time to prepare for her first showing, which she explained in an interview with The New York Times led to her being nervous heading into the filming. She said to be asked “on the spot” made her “nervous” about the situation.

"Normally I just stand there and I turn my letters, and I’m just happy as can be not having to worry about anything else," she explained. "But here I am controlling the game. So logistically, it was much harder. But I know every aspect of the game, which helped so much."

She’s been a part of the production for 37 years but hosting was never her responsibility. Sajak had only missed an episode one prior time back in 1996 due to laryngitis.


As for how long White will be holding down the fort, Sajak revealed in a tweet that she will be on for a little while longer.

Wheel of Fortune airs at 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC.