'Wheel of Fortune' Reveals Change of Plans for Giveaway Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Wheel of Fortune is introducing more minor changes in its upcoming run of episodes, this time brought on by coronavirus. The game show announced the change, which meant no My$tery Wedge and no at-home SPIN ID, would be implemented on its Wednesday show that same afternoon on Twitter.

"A Wheel Watchers update," the tweet began. "Due to COVID-19, the My$tery Wedge $10K Giveaway could not be completed for April 29, 2020. No potential winning SPIN ID number will be aired on April 29, 2020. We'll see you tomorrow for another new episode!"

The show's My$tery Wedge involves a contestant that lands on that particular spot during the game. Once the wedge is flipped over, it reveals a myriad of prizes, up to $10,000. If the contestant solves the puzzle correctly, participating viewers could also win via a special SPIN ID that flashes on the screen. The announcement, which also appeared on the show's website, indicated that the current pandemic made the change necessary. There's also no indication when the Wedge will return as a regular feature of the program.

On Thursday, Wheel of Fortune made headlines after a nurse, who'd been working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, walked away with a $56,000 haul. Arzo Mehdavi, who'd taped her episode prior to the pandemic began making a serious impact, works as an emergency room nurse in Hayward, California. She also got a virtual visit from Vanna White on Zoom while watching the episode with her family. The co-host later spoke to PEOPLE about the moment.

"If I can bring her any kind of joy for all the hard work and dedication she has given to so many, I would do it a thousand times," White explained. "It's just overwhelming what they are doing, so it makes me feel so good to give back just a touch. It's nothing for what they do for us."


Both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! had temporarily stopped production due to the pandemic, after attempting to tape shows without a studio audience. Given the age and recent health conditions of both Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek, it had fans of both worried for their well-being.