'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Fights With Pat Sajak Over Unsolved Puzzle

One Wheel of Fortune contestant has an issue with the show's puzzle categories. As Entertainment Tonight reported, a contestant named Ben from California had a rough time with the bonus round category, which was Fun & Games. When he wasn't able to correctly guess the puzzle, he got into a little argument with host Pat Sajak over the show's classification of Fun & Games. 

As always, the contestants are given three options for their bonus round category, and Ben chose Fun & Games. The category didn't help him out much, as only a few letters of the puzzle were filled in. He ended up taking a guess, suggesting that the answer could be "Taunt a Wacky Guy." Since that was far from correct, he didn't walk away with the bonus prize. Sajak reflected on his loss by referring to Ben's guess as "so unclose." The host added, "You just didn't have the letters."

Ben hit back that he was thrown off because he doesn't "consider jogging fun and games." He then gave a thumbs-up as the audience broke out into an awkward mix of applause and laughter. Sajak replied, "Oh, well, there you go. That wasn't bad." When the official Instagram account for Wheel of Fortune posted the clip, they acknowledged what Ben had to say about the puzzle. They captioned the clip with, "He has a point." Other fans in the comments section also agreed with Ben. 

One fan wrote, "Finally! A contestant finally speaks out about the answers not matching the category! The kid was great!" Another commented, "I mean... he's not wrong. Weird puzzle for that category." Many others suggested that Wheel of Fortune simply should have considered this puzzle for a different category, such as their traditional, "What Are You Doing?" 

Even though Wheel of Fortune acknowledged that Ben had a point, others in the comments section didn't see it that way. This individual defended the category and the puzzle by writing, "O please he lost get over it. For people who jog – jogging is fun .. Just like bike riding is fun for people." There were also those who hit back at Ben's first guess, which also didn't exactly fit the category. One person wrote, "But is taunting fun and games? Certainly not for the wacky guy."