Watch Ryan Seacrest Fall out of His Seat on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan'

Live With Kelly and Ryan fans got a lot more than they bargained for during Tuesday's episode when co-host Ryan Seacrest fell off his chair while attempting to catch a gold balloon falling from the ceiling. As he reached high with his arms, he tipped the chair over and fell, almost in slow motion, his arms flailing to catch hold of co-host Kelly Ripa, to the ground with a loud thump.

Ripa exclaimed, "Oh my God!" as the audience gasped and screamed. She and a staff member quickly rushed to help Seacrest off the ground, asking him twice if he was OK.

Seacrest could be heard laughing from the floor. "He's fine!" she said while Seacrest stood up and grabbed the balloon he initially chased after.

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"I got it!" he joked, holding up the balloon.

The 45-year-old TV personality later shared the hilarious moment to Instagram. "First fumble of the new season," he wrote in the caption. "Hope I make the playoffs...."

On his Instagram Story, Seacrest shared a slow-mo version of the clip.

Tons of his 4.6 million followers reacted to the spill in the comments of his post, leaving lots of crying laughing emojis.

"I was laughing so hard this AM. Glad that you are okay," one Instagram user wrote.

"Love how REAL you both are!" another said of Seacrest and Ripa.

"I've watched this way too many times," another person wrote.

"Watched this like 12x," someone said.

"You guys are a mess and I love it..." someone else said.

"Totally something that I would do!" another commiserated.

"I truly had to leave a meeting because I can't stop laughing!" one user commented.

It's not even the first time this year that Seacrest has made headlines for an unscripted moment. During the Golden Globes red carpet, the American Idol host had a hilarious exchange with Sofia Vergara, which started out with Vergara talking about a recent Instagram post with her and husband Joe Manganiello's dogs, who appeared to be eating a pie in the photo. But the Modern Family actress quickly informed Seacrest that the pie was on a set and just a prop.

"It's fake. You know our lives, we're always on a set!" she joked.

"Of course, it's all fake. We're in Hollywood, It's a facade," Seacrest joked back.

"Nothing is real!" Vergara said, pointing to her chest and smirking. She made a few goofy faces as the cameras cut to commercial, leading viewers at home to wonder if she was joking about her breasts being surgically enhanced or not.

"[Laugh out loud] did Sofia Vergara just tell us her boobs are fake," one user wrote.



Photo credit: Daniele Venturelli / Contributor / Getty