The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Aired a Model's Fall and Twitter Wasn't Happy

During the taping of the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China last week, model Ming Xi made headlines after she took a spill on the runway while walking in an elaborate costume. Xi was helped up by fellow model GizeleOliveira, and was able to finish her walk in flawless fashion.

After Xi's fall made the news, many assumed it wouldn't be aired on the broadcast of the show, which was shown on CBS Tuesday night, as previous incidents, like the time Ariana Grande almost got hit in the face with a pair of wings, were left out of the broadcast. However, Xi's fall and subsequent recovery were shown, as well as the tearful model leaving the runway and reacting to the moment backstage, something the internet wasn't too happy to see.

Xi, who hails from Shanghai, was also shown expressing her excitement at walking in the fashion show in her hometown before she stepped onto the runway. After the fact, fellow models hugged her and offered supportive words, as well as performer Leslie Odom Jr, who told the camera, “Happens to the best of them. Sometimes you fall, you get back up. Fall down seven times, get up eight."

As the show is taped twice, it's clear CBS deliberately aired the fall, as well as audio of producers reacting to the moment.


In the end, Xi's graceful recovery stole the internet's heart, with many applauding her for her poise.

Photo Credit: Getty / Fred Dufour