'Venture Bros.' Canceled After 17-Year Run on Adult Swim

The Venture Bros has had quite the run on Adult Swim over the years, but it looks like that will be coming to an end as the show will be packing up shop after 17 years. Debuting in 2004, the series follows the adventures of the Venture family, which includes Hank, Dean, Rusty and a band of entertaining characters.

Christopher McCulloch, who goes by Jackson Publick on Twitter, an executive producer for the series, shared the news of the show's cancellation on Twitter. "Unfortunately, it's true: #VentureBros has been canceled. We got the highly disappointing news a few months ago, while we were writing what would have been season 8. We thank you, our amazing fans, for 17 years of your kind (and patient) attention. And, as always, We Love You." As Publick noted, the writers were in the midst of constructing the eighth season when word of the show's fate came down. With its end, the show serves as one of the longest-running programs on Adult Swim.

James Urbaniak, who was a voice actor on the show, bid farewell to the series on Twitter, as well. He joked that the show was one year away from being able to vote before calling it "one of the great gifts of my life."


As is usually the case whenever a show sees its time come to an end, especially one of those nature that had a loyal following for all those years, there were some disappointed fans voicing their frustrations about the decision to cut the series. "I was 13 when the Venture Brothers first started airing and I've been watching it ever since," one user began on Twitter. "It's hard saying goodbye. I'll miss you, 21. You had the best character development of a character I've personally ever seen in any TV series." Another disgruntled fan voiced a similar sentiment, this time calling it a "cardinal sin" that a show "as brilliant and expansive" as The Venture Bros has to meet this fate. "It remains unsurpassed as one of the most irreverent, referential and inadvertently heartwarming series to grace animation."