Two 'The Middle' Co-Stars Reunite in Joyful Photo

Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher have reunited, and it feels so good.

It's a heck of a reunion for The Middle co-stars Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher. The two actresses, who played mother and daughter Frankie and Sue Heck, respectively, on the beloved ABC sitcom, recently reunited. Heaton took to Instagram to share a photo with her former on-screen daughter to tell her followers that they are just a "midwestern TV mom and daughter hanging out in London!" Heaton then went on to promote Sher's show, I Was On A Sitcom, which was at the Bill Murray Comedy Club for one night, before moving to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival "for the whole month of August." According to TVLine, the show is described as "a show about finding out who you are when your TV show ends and your 'real life' begins because when you've played a character on TV for a decade, what exactly does it mean to 'be yourself?'"

The Middle ended just over five years ago after a nine-season run, but it's clear that the Heck family is still as close as ever, at least for Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher. While The Middle was supposed to get a spinoff surrounding Sue Heck, set to launch in 2019, it never happened after ABC passed on the project, and it never got picked up by other networks. This selfie has definitely brought back the love for the sitcom, and it's like nothing has changed.

Even though it hasn't been that long since the series ended, The Middle is a sitcom that needs a reboot just because it is still loved, and that Sue Heck spinoff that never got greenlit still hurts. It might be a little early to start thinking of a reboot, but a reunion may not be too far off, especially since it looks like the cast is still close. However, that also would have to depend on the rest of the Heck family, including Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott, and Atticus Shaffer, but it wouldn't be surprising if they were to still act like a family after all this time.

Hopefully, this isn't the last time Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher share a joyful photo together, and maybe, next time, more of their co-stars join in on the fun. The Middle lasted for nine seasons, and part of the reason is very likely because of the cast's chemistry, so the fact that they are still close five years after the fact shows that they are definitely like a family and weren't just doing it for the cameras. Even though a full-blown The Middle reunion might still be some time away, all nine seasons are streaming on both Max and Peacock, so at least that way, the Heck family will still be around.