Two Canceled CBS Shows Just Received Love From the Emmys

B Positive and United States of Al may have been canceled by CBS, but they're still getting awards attention. On Tuesday, both of the shows received Emmy nominations. Both of the shows lasted for two seasons on CBS. 

United States of Al received two nominations and they were both in the same category. Two separate episodes of the program, the "Pilot" and "Kiss/Maach, Divorce/Talaq, Sock/Jeraab," were nominated for Outstanding Production Design For a Narrative Program (Half-Hour). As for B Positive, it received three nominations. The canceled series was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography For a Multi-Camera Series, Outstanding Directing For a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation. 

United States of Al and B Positive, both of which were Chuck Lorre productions, were canceled by CBS earlier this year. First, United States of Al got the ax. The show starred Parker Young and Adhir Kalyan as a pair who formed a close friendship after first meeting in Afghanistan. Kalyan starred as the titular Al, an interpreter from Afghanistan who served with a unit that Riley (Young), a Marine combat veteran, was in. 

Just like United States of Al, B Positive was canceled after its second season. B Positive starred Thomas Middleditch as Drew, a therapist and newly divorced father who was in need of a kidney transplant. His high school classmate Gine, played by Annaleigh Ashford, ended up being a match. The second season of the show focused more on Gina and the friendship between her and Drew. The relationship was going to be explored even further had B Positive received a third season. 


"There is the hope for a Season 3 exploring a genuine relationship between Gina and Drew," Lorre told TV Line after the Season 2 finale aired on March 10. "There are [still going to be] life-and-death issues that are inevitable among the residents of Valley Hills... and we also have built-in this ongoing, cutthroat competition with Golden Horizons." Both United States of Al and B Positive were on the bubble at the end of their respective first seasons. But, CBS ultimately decided to give them another shot with sophomore seasons. Alas, the shows have come to an end, but not without receiving some Emmys love to boot.