What to Watch on TV Tonight

On Sunday evenings, it's hard not to get a frown on your face when you think about heading to work or school on Monday morning. Don't worry though, because the night is far from over!

The biggest TV event of the night is one that is sure to dominate social media, as well as conversations with your friends for the next few days. After a long off-season, The Walking Dead is finally returning to AMC. Tonight's episode of the popular zombie drama is pretty important for a number of reasons.

Season premieres are always important, especially for The Walking Dead, but tonight's edition is also the milestone 100th episode of the series. On top of all that, the creative team behind the show has revealed that this will begin the infamous All Out War storyline.

The Walking Dead premiere will be the episode most are watching tonight, but zombies may not be your thing. That's okay, there's still plenty of other good programs to tune into if you're looking for another option.

Comedy fans will have their hands full with Fox's hilarious Sunday roster. New episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Ghosted and Last Man on Earth are all ready to roll tonight.

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For those who are really into sports, tune into NBC at 8:30 ET. Reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan is taking his Atlanta Falcons up north to take on the defending champion New England Patriots in a rematch of last year's Super Bowl.

On CBS, Wisdom of the Crowd has quickly become one of the must-watch shows on Sunday nights. Starring Entourage alum Jeremy Piven, the show follows a tech guru who creates a crime-fighting app where the masses can assist in solving police cases. It takes everything fans loved about Person of Interest, but gives it a much younger spin and introduces some memorable new characters.


So, don't fret about punching the clock tomorrow morning. Grab the remote, cozy up on the couch, and prepare for the wonderful night of TV ahead.

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