TNT Suspends New Series' Production After Morgan Spurlock Misconduct Revelations

A series in the early stages of production has been suspended following Morgan Spurlock's [...]

A series in the early stages of production has been suspended following Morgan Spurlock's admittance of sexual misconduct.

The Supersize Me director was executive producing an unscripted series for TNT with the working title Who Rules The World. It was meant to be an exploration of womens' issues and systemic misogyny, and Spurlock's Warrior Poets production company was co-producing with Sarah Jessica Parker's companies, Pretty Matches and Refinery29.

However on Wednesday, Spurlock posted an essay on Twitter, revealing several instances where he was "part of the problem." He described an instance where he was accused of rape, as well as a sexual harassment lawsuit he settled in his office. He also confessed that he's been "unfaithful to every wife and girlfriend" he's ever had.

After the post, Pretty Matches and Refinery 29 released a joint statement to Deadline, saying they would no longer be working with Spurlock.

"In light of recent revelations, Pretty Matches and Refinery29 are severing ties with Morgan Spurlock," wrote a spokesperson for the two companies. "We stand in solidarity with the victims. We are suspending production on Who Rules the World (working title) to re-evaluate the best path forward for the project, and are more determined than ever to share women's stories through this series."

TNT commented on the suspension as well, though they said nothing of Spurlock or his confessions.

"Production on Who Rules the World (working title) has been suspended until further review," the network said.

The series is meant to explore the issues facing women from great to small. It's supposed to examine reproductive rights, the policing of female bodies, and even more subtle transgressions in the media and in American social culture. The series was called Who Run The World in early discussions, then changed to its current working title.

Even before Spurlock spoke up, the show had no release date and was in the very early stages of development. With this suspension, there's no telling how long it'll be before it gets on air.