Tiffani Thiessen Gets Candid About 'Very Different' Netflix Sitcom 'Alexa and Katie' (Exclusive)

While she might be well known for playing the perky Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell and the [...]

While she might be well known for playing the perky Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell and the bold Valerie on Beverly Hills, 90210, actress Tiffani Thiessen is keeping incredibly busy these days. Not only is the mom-of-two writing books alongside her husband of almost 15 years, but she's starring in the Netflix original series, Alexa & Katie — an unconventional sitcom centered around a high school fighting cancer.

While in conversation with PopCulture.com chatting about her books, a possible Saved by the Bell reboot and the Netflix series now soon to premiere its third season, Thiessen revealed exclusively what caught her attention with the show, detailing how it was unlike anything she ever undertook.

"I think it was a show that's very different, not a traditional sitcom. I think it really, kind of sort of showcases what I think most people can say they've been touched by cancer in some form," Thiessen explained to PopCulture.com.

Alexa & Katie highlights the life of a teenager living with cancer, following actress Paris Berelc as the lead, Alexa, trying to keep her battle with cancer under wraps. Luckily, her best friend Katie (Isabel May) is standing by her side through thick and thin.

"I think the fact that you really watch a teenager who already is going through all the normal sort of angst of high school and how a best friend and your family can really support you in times of something that's a tough as cancer," Thiessen said. "And I think it really normalizes it a little bit and really just shows how she's not any different than any other kid, you know?"

While Thiessen is filling the role of Alexa's mom, Lori Mendoza, she won't be filling her former role as Kelly Kapowski in the Saved By the Bell reboot. In fact, she wasn't even aware there was a reboot until fans found out, admitting to PopCulture.com exclusively that she "didn't know anything about the reboot," and will "not be joining the cast."

Not only was she not made aware of the highly anticipated return, but her co-star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar wasn't either. "I heard about it the moment you guys heard about it. And Mark-Paul was the same. Mark-Paul didn't know anything about it either," she said.

Gosselaar has been doing his own thing as well, starring in the new Black-ish spinoff, Mixed-ish.

Outside of acting, Thiessen is an avid cook and always finding new ways to bring healthy choices to the table for her family. One way she's doing that is by partnering with Maple Hill Creamery — America's original grass-fed organic dairy.

"I grew up as a mild drinker of course, that's how my parents raised me, and we're the same in the Smith family. I've always wanted to, of course, give my kids and my family the best of the best, and ultimately I found the best," Thiessen said of the company. "I thought organic food was definitely the highest you could get your kids but actually, I learned that grass-fed is even better than organic. And besides it tasting better, it's better for the environment, it's better for you. So it's a win-win in all scenarios. So we were super excited to partner with them.

Thiessen is anticipating a second cookbook for fans and much more in the coming months.