'This Is Us': One of the 'Big Three' Is About to Welcome a Baby

The midseason finale of This Is Us did not disappoint as viewers spent the hour-long show on the edge of their seats waiting to see what cliffhanger would lie ahead. It turns out that the revelation was subtly woven into the waning minutes in typical This Is Us fashion amidst the bigger, overlying issue at hand: Rebecca's memory loss. Throughout the episode, Rebecca is seen leaving her phone behind, mistakenly identifying people and eventually needing a ride home from the police.

Mixed into that was the discovery in the final minute that one of her children would soon be welcoming a baby.

Situated at Kevin's house in the woods for the Big Three's 40th birthday party in what was a nine-month flash forward, Rebecca is walked into the house by the officers who drove her back. In the kitchen, Kate asks Kevin, "How is she doing back there?"

Kevin responds, "She's laying down, she's a little nauseous."

When the officer looks at him after having Kate sign paperwork having to do with Rebecca, Kevin notifies the woman, "My fiancé has morning sickness at all hours of the day."

She responds, "Have her try ginger and tea. It worked for me."

To whom Kevin is engaged to remains a mystery, so expect that to be something revealed when the show returns on Jan. 14 for its winter premiere.

In addition to Kevin finding a fiancé and now a soon-to-be-father within nine months of the present timeline, it was also revealed that he and Randall -- who was notably absent at the party -- are not on speaking terms.

He told his mom, who displayed signs of her memory loss when she asked where Randall is, that, "No, Mom, Randall's not coming. We're not speaking, remember?"

In the scene right before that, Randall asked Kevin what's next for him.

To that, Kevin said he felt a sense of responsibility when he was living on with "two virtual strangers" and a sense of family.

"I liked it, so I think that's what's next for me," Kevin tells Randall confidently. "I like that. By the time I'm 40, I'm going to have a wife, I'm going to have a kid, the whole sha-bang."


Randall quips back, "You should probably date someone first. You know it's only nine months until our birthday?"

When This Is Us returns in mid-January, viewers can expect to uncover answers to what lead-up to the two brothers losing touch with one another, who Kevin is engaged to and what exactly is next for Rebecca and her struggles.