'This is Us' Star Says Series Finale Will 'Wreck' Fans

This is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia reveals fans may not be prepared for the series finale, which will debut on NBC in 2022. Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson on the NBC drama, says Season 6 is "going to wreck people" –– but in a positive way. 

"Everybody's excited. It's senior year — or, you know, extension year! Everyone's excited. Everyone feels good. You can tell everyone is present, and it's the same well-oiled machine that we've been a part of for the last five years," the actor told Us Weekly"I think everybody is grateful to be able to wrap it up the way that [creator] Dan Fogelman and the writers planned. Beyond that, [we're excited to just] have fun and enjoy ourselves and be together as a group because this is the last go around."

While the cast has known how the show will close for some time, Ventimiglia shares he's figuring out more of the finale each day he's on set. "I think it's wonderful. I think it's incredibly satisfying. I think it's beautiful," he said. "I was just on set with Dan about two weeks ago and he was talking about some things that I didn't know about the end. I was there with Mandy [Moore]. We just kind of looked at each other, like, one, excited to get into it, and two, incredibly devastated as human beings because this is probably gonna wreck people in the most heartfelt way. It's beautiful. I'm so excited."

He also praised the show's writers for creating "an infinite loop of where things start and how it all kind of tailors back into one another." 

As the show begins to end, he shares that he and the rest of the cast have started going through a range of emotions. While he's sad to be closing the chapter on this beloved and well-celebrated series, he's also looking forward to playing other roles. "I think the sadness just comes in that life change, where the people that you see every day, you're not going to see every day and you kind of have to make an effort to see them," Ventimiglia said. "There's excitement too. I mean, I love Jack Pearson. I've loved playing him. I love what Mandy and I have built as this couple and the beginnings of the family and where the family has gone and being a part of the crew. I think as an actor, I'm definitely itching to play something else, as we all do. At the same time, I'm proud of what we've done and I'm excited for the opportunities that will present themselves after the show is over."