'This Is Us' Cast Share First Look at Final Season With Multiple Photos

This Is Us is about to begin its final season, and to celebrate some of the cast has shared a few first look photos on social media. Taking to Instagram, Mandy Moore — who plays mom Rebecca Pearson — shared a photo of her and Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson), captioned, "Mom and Dad. Day 1, season 6 in the can. Here we go." 

Ventimiglia also shared some behind-the-scenes footage, adding clips to his Instagram Stories thread. "That's it. It's a wrap on Day 1 of season 6. Can you... believe it?" Moore asks her TV husband as the pair walk to their trailers from the set. Ventimiglia replied, "It's crazy." In addition to Moore and Ventimiglia, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman shared some BTS content as well, taking to Twitter to post a photo on the set monitor during a scene where Moore and Ventimiglia are engaged in a loving embrace. "Last first day. Feeling feelings, he captioned the post.

Back in may, Fogelman sat down with Deadline and shared some insight into what fans can expect from This Is Us Season 6. When asked how he's feeling about having to wrap up a lot of plotlines in the show's final episodes, Fogelman replied, "I think at the beginning of each season, you feel a little overwhelmed, but I have the plan and the shape of what I intend to do in this season in the show."

He continued, "Now, how do I get into the granular specifics of how we're going to execute it? It always feels a little daunting at the beginning. I'm lucky to have, I think, the most talented writing staff in the business that helps me figure that out, and a confidence in what we're doing because of the people that work on the show, and how long we've been doing it together."


Fogelman added, "I knew what the ending of this season was going to be from the moment we put pen to paper, not just at the beginning of this season, but [while working on] previous seasons, in terms of Chrissy and what happens, and what the big reveal is at the end of the season. So when you have that kind of confidence in the people you're working with-your actors, your writers, your directors, your crew-and then you also stay steadfast to the plan, it gives you a kind of false confidence, which somewhere along the way morphs into real confidence." This Is Us Season 6 does not yet have an announced premiere date.