'Elsbeth' Star Carra Patterson on Kaya in 'Uncharted Territory' Following Wagner Reveal: 'I Think She's Torn' (Exclusive)

Patterson spoke to PopCulture.com about the aftermath of Season 1, Episode 6 of 'Elsbeth.'

Spoilers ahead for Elsbeth Season 1, Episode 6 ("An Ear for an Ear")

Tonight's new Elsbeth dug deeper into the investigation of Captain Wagner, and Carra Patterson spoke to PopCulture.com about what it will mean for Kaya moving forward. While Officer Blanke had her suspicions about Elsbeth, it turned her head even more when Wagner wanted her to keep an eye on the attorney. At one point, Kaya even spied on a meeting Elsbeth had in the park. Patterson shared that if not for Wagner, Kaya would have likely had some suspicions, "but it might've taken longer for her to make any choices to really pursue those."

She continued, "I think Kaya is very by the book, and she really respects Wagner, so she doesn't want to do anything off the beaten path. So I think it really did take Wagner putting her on that mission for her to go and spy on Elsbeth."

Since she was put on that mission, Kaya got to see that Elsbeth was hiding something, but she didn't know exactly what it was. When she confronted her, Elsbeth ended up telling her the truth, revealing that she's investigating Captain Wagner for corruption as he might be taking kickbacks. Kaya admitted she didn't know what side she wanted to be on, and Patterson shared she thinks Kaya doesn't know what's going on.

(Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS)

"I think she's torn," Patterson said. "She's worked with Wagner, someone she has admired for a long time, and for that all to kind of be in question is really throwing her for a loop. So, I think Kaya is really in uncharted territory by the end of this episode. I don't think she knows what's next." Additionally, now that Kaya knows, Patterson says this will "100%" affect her friendship with Elsbeth. She shared, "We end this episode with her seeing that Elsbeth's heart is in the right place, but I think she has some reservations, but she's willing to go on the ride and support Elsbeth as she digs for the truth."

It sounds like this will surely change things moving forward, and Kaya will have some figuring out to do. Finding out that someone you've trusted for years may not be who he said he is is definitely a game-changer, and there's no telling what the aftermath of that will be like. Luckily, there are still a few more episodes left of the season, with a Season 2 of Elsbeth on the way. Fans will just have to watch new episodes on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to see what happens next.