Tuesday's TV Ratings: 'This Is Us' Returns Steady

The ratings have come in for Tuesday nights TV line-up and, while it wasn't the big winner, the massively popular This is Us on NBC held steady.

According to the ratings numbers, This Is Us brought in 9.7 million viewers, which is technically a drop off from last year's fall finale, but was still more than enough to make it the third most watched show of the evening.

CBS took to top two spots, with first place going to NCIS for bringing in an estimated 14.2 million watchers, and second place going to Bull for scoring 10.4 million watchers.

NCIS: New Orleans came in fourth with 8.6 million viewers, followed by Ellen's Game of Games at fifth with an even 8 million viewers, as reported by TV Line.

In a recent interview, This Is Us producer Isaac Aptaker was asked about the moving scene from the fall finale in which Jack and Randall bonded at the Vietnam Memorial.

"There's definitely much more to come in terms of Jack and his Vietnam, but what's special about the moment, it's one of the first times that Jack is really talking to Randall like a man instead of a child, and confiding in him in a way that he hasn't even necessarily confided in his own wife," Aptaker revealed.

"It's a very mature father-son moment. We've seen him calming Randall with his anxiety and taking him to the dojo, and making him go to the private school," he then added.


"We've seen much more father doing parenting to a younger child, but that moment on the bench is really him relating to Randall, much more man to man," Aptaker said.